Have you heard people use the phrase “long & tiring day at work”? I have. Thousands of times. And I could never understand the “tiring” bit in that phrase.

Why is work tiring for them?

I have long work days too, as a businesswoman plus a homemaker (without the benefits of a resident domestic help or even a part-time cook), but I look forward to going to work every day. The longer & busier the day at work, the more energetic I feel at the end of the day! Sure the body suffers its customary aches and soreness… but nothing that a tight hug from your other half or even just a good night’s sleep won’t take care of! ;p

So yeah, last couple of days have been long at work, but not tiring.

What about you… (whoever you are who is reading this post)… how was your day today?



About indianchica

Female, homemaker, entrepreneur, blogger. Can't live without books, music, and tea. Can’t imagine life without a computer and internet either.

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