Message For the “Copycats”

I have never figured out why some people copy other people’s literary/creative works and try to pass them off as their own ideas/creations!

I have seen poetry published on some blogs that’s been directly lifted off some other blogs or poetry websites.

I have seen photographs used in blogposts without giving credit to the original photographer.

I have even seen post and photograph IDEAS being copied, without bothering to thank the source of inspiration.

And I fail to understand why people do this.

Is it because they’re actually too dumb to create something original? Or is it because they BELIEVE they’re too dumb to create something original?

You know what I think?

I think that each one of us is born creative, with his own unique set of skills and aptitudes. Creation is in our very essence. We exist to create. Period. What we create may differ. The mediums, through which we create, may differ. Yet, create, we must.

I think that those who copy other people’s stuff are doing themselves a great injustice. They are denying their soul the right to exist.

When we create, we express our thoughts and feelings, our soul. When we copy others, we deny our soul the freedom to express its own beauty and awesomeness.

So my message for the “copycats” is:
Please let your soul sing its own song. Let it be free. And if somene’s work inspires you, then please DO give a word of acknowledgement to that soul, for singing to your own.


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