In Search of Peace

Some people find peace amidst silent statues at a “place of God”,
some find it in the chubby fingers of their newly-born.

Some people find peace as they “give voice” to their music sheets,
some find it as they move their bodies in time to “the beats”.

Some find peace listening to the melody of their favorite song,
while some discover it in the lyrics that they sing along.

Some people find peace in the monotony of knitting or sewing,
some, in the aroma of their favorite tea/coffee brewing.

For some, peace is in the randomness of the waves crashing on the shores,
some find it in scrubbing and cleaning, their daily domestic chores.

Artists find peace in the moments when they create,
Lovers find peace in the arms of the one they embrace.


P.S. – This poem was inspired by random posts on my Facebook  timeline today, from people in my friend-list, not known to each other. It feels a little incomplete to me. So if you can think of suitable lines to append, please do share in the comments below.



About indianchica

Female, homemaker, entrepreneur, blogger. Can't live without books, music, and tea. Can’t imagine life without a computer and internet either.

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