Open Books

There are people on Facebook who share every little detail about their lives openly with others in their “friend list” and, sometimes, even with public. What they ate, what they bought, where they went, what they did, what their sweetheart did… every little thing.

I’m acquainted with some personal bloggers and tweeples too who share bits from their lives with the whole world, with so much enthusiasm and transparency, you’d think the whole world was their friend!

I have seen them post pictures of themselves, their homes, their kids, their cats, their new sandals, AND their new tattoos! I have read their personal anecdotes, even embarrassing ones! I have been privy to their family reminiscences, their special moments with their loved ones, and even their pain at times.

And I can’t help but marvel at their simple trust in people.

Only the most innocent and trusting souls can be so friendly and open… like little children.

Every time I read a page from their life, my heart sends out a silent prayer for their protection, that the world should never hurt them so much that they decide to close their ‘book’.




About indianchica

Female, homemaker, entrepreneur, blogger. Can't live without books, music, and tea. Can’t imagine life without a computer and internet either.

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