Dealing With The Writers’ Block

As confessed in my previous post, I have been and am still stuck with the writers’ block. I have been researching the net (read: googling — they should add this word to the official English dictionary now, don’t you think?) for ways to deal with my writers’ block. As always, Google has proved to be a helpful friend.

Here’s a list of some ways I’ve found, that I think I could try to shake off my writers’ block:

  1. Blog link-ups.
    From what I understand, one blog (I’ll call it “the host blog”) gives a topic/writing prompt, and provides a linky tool with which the participants of that topic link up their posts to the host blog. So all the participating posts on that topic will be listed together at one place on the host blog and then we all can read each other’s posts and network with each other. Right? Seems doable, if I can find some interesting link-ups. Any leads, guys?

  2. Blog Challenges.
    So apparently, blogging is not just a mere pastime! There are “blog challenges” around that bloggers participate in to “stretch their wings”! I even got to know that there are daily blogging challenges! ‘Daily’, as in one blog post every day! WOW! That is just so awesome! I definitely want to do something like that! Going to do some more “googling” to find out about any upcoming daily blog challenges!

  3. Blog forums.
    I am not too keen on forums normally. I have seen online discussions going completely out of context and becoming personal. I find that very distasteful. But I would like to interact more with bloggers, and I’ve been told that the forum on IndiBlogger is a clean and well-moderated place. So, at the moment, I’m waiting to get my blog approved there. Then I’ll probably go looking for some post inspiration on their forums.

  4. Blog Hopping!
    Well, that was something I was already doing earlier, i.e. when I started this blog. Unfortunately, it just got forgotten somewhere along the way. (Or maybe I got the ‘Readers’ Block’ too!) WordPress will help me here though. I found it’s “Freshly Pressed” section pretty cool to discover new blogs.

  5. Contests!
    Where? Where? Please tell me! Who wouldn’t love to win some stuff by blogging? 😛

  6. Blog about your ‘Writers’ Block’! 😀
    This should have been point no. 1 in the list. I’ve already managed to write two new posts on my writers’ block!

Ok then. Action plan all set. Now just got to put the plan in motion!


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