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Dealing With The Writers’ Block

As confessed in my previous post, I have been and am still stuck with the writers’ block. I have been researching the net (read: googling — they should add this word to the official English dictionary now, don’t you think?) for ways to deal with my writers’ block. As always, Google has proved to be a helpful friend.

Here’s a list of some ways I’ve found, that I think I could try to shake off my writers’ block:

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The Dreaded Writers’ Block!

So I have been stuck with the dreaded “writers’ block”!

(But you already know that, don’t you? I mean, you don’t exactly need a PhD to figure that out! I haven’t published a single post in over 4 months!)

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Message For the “Copycats”

I have never figured out why some people copy other people’s literary/creative works and try to pass them off as their own ideas/creations!

I have seen poetry published on some blogs that’s been directly lifted off some other blogs or poetry websites.

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My Writing Process

LOL! As simple as that! 😀